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Established in 1978, Sharma Handicrafts is a family affair that has a long heritage in weaving pashmina shawls, Kashmiri embroidery wool shawls, men’s toosh, lohis, dushalas and silk scarves for women. 

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  • As much as we would like to sell our scarves in retail, we sell scarves to individuals directly on case to case basis. For buying scarves and shawls at wholesale prices we require wholesale quantities too.
  • is an online catalogue to showcase our exquisite silk scarves, kashmiri kani shawls, summer cotton scarves, digital print square silk scarves and our other latest scarf collections.
  • The photographs of scarves and shawls on various product pages are for illustrative purposes only. This does not represent the availability of the said scarf or shawl model.
  • For placing an order of the exact scarf style, you need to fulfill an MOQ (minimum order quantity) of a said number of pieces in the same colorway/warp length. Please contact our sales team for further clarification.
  •  However, you can always order scarves and shawls in assorted colors and designs from our in-stock items without any MOQ requirement. Please mention the same in the contact form.
  • If you want a first hand experience and feel of our scarves, do check our assorted sample packs which have been curated keeping in mind the tastes of different types of businesses.
  •  If you are interested in ordering custom design scarves, we would suggest you to read our guide that will help you to make most of our wholesale scarf printing services.

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We are located in Amritsar, Punjab.  Amritsar is the second-largest city and district of Punjab famous for its textile industry and pashmina shawls. There are multiple ways to reach Amritsar via air, rail and road.

  • It takes about 1h 10mins to reach Amritsar by taking a flight from Delhi. 6 Hours if you choose to travel by train.
  • 2h 40mins to reach Amritsar by taking a flight from Mumbai.

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Registered Office: 4 Guru Ram Dass Market, Ram Gali, Katra Alhuwalia Amritsar – 143006

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4, Ram Gali, Katra Alhuwalia, Punjab 143006 (INDIA)
+91 9569412207
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