Shawl 'n Scarf Manufacturer & Exporter in India

Weaving art since 1978

Established in 1978, Sharma Handicrafts is a family affair that has a long heritage in weaving pashmina shawls, Kashmiri embroidery wool shawls, men’s toosh, lohis, dushalas and silk scarves for women. 

Shawl 'n Scarf Manufacturer

We have firm control on our entire production line from material, dying, printing, embroidery, hemming to packing and an experienced team to control the product quality and handle customer support.

We are known for using premium yarns, delivering shipments on time and supplying high quality products at unbeatable prices.

For us, “every piece of shawl that we weave is a work of art”

Our Mission

We are committed to deliver quality scarves and shawls to our customers on time. 

We strive to provide sustainable and ethical fashion accessories. 

Our Vision

Sharma Handicrafts will become one of the leading fashion accessories manufacturers and exporters in India and beyond, and will fulfill its special obligations to the people of Amritsar.

Located in the holy city

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We are located in Amritsar, Punjab.  Amritsar is the second-largest city and district of Punjab famous for its textile industry and pashmina shawls. There are multiple ways to reach Amritsar via air, rail and road.

  • It takes about 1h 10mins to reach Amritsar by taking a flight from Delhi. 6 Hours if you choose to travel by train.
  • 2h 40mins to reach Amritsar by taking a flight from Mumbai.

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General Inquiries​

4, Ram Gali, Katra Alhuwalia, Punjab 143006 (INDIA)
+91 9569412207
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